Emotional Regulation Therapy

We help children with Neurodiverse conditions to feel more calm and improve their focus, with the evidence based HeartMath® systemdesigned after twenty five years of research from the non-profit education organisation, called the HeartMath® Institute.

Each session is carefully designed, based on your child’s needs, consisting of learning about emotional regulation with HeartMath®’s engaging songs, stories and games: learning the simple, yet profound HeartMath® emotional regulation techniques and practicing them on the emWave® Pro (a form of biofeedback), so we can monitor your child’s progress. Weekly rewards and goals are negotiated, so your child  develops the habit of using them at home and school.

I love getting texts from parents saying I didnt have to ask him a hundred times to pack his bag, he packed it straight away after he played the happy games”.

There are over 400 independent peer-reviewed studies that support the effectiveness of the HeartMath® system and over 1500 health professionals world wide use it to help their patients better self-regulate their emotions.

With twenty years teaching children combined with intensive HeartMath training, I can help your child to improve their emotional regulation.

I cant wait to meet you and help your child improve their emotional regulation.

Each session is 45 minutes and we tailor each session so that it engages your child based on their needs. We provide a happy, warm and stimulating environment, which includes the emotional regulation therapy and other engaging HeartMath® programs, all designed to improve your child’s emotional regulation

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Emotional Regulation Therapy For Children

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Emotional Regulation Therapy benefits:

” I didn’t have to ask him a hundred times to pack his bag, he packed it straight away after he played the happy games”.

  • Feel calmer
  • Improved impulse control
  • Reduced anxiety
  • Reduced fatigue
  • Improved sleep
  • Improved focus
  • Improved energy

Sam Bouman, MS, PPS, school psychologist, Glendora School District, CA


“I have used various curricula and insight therapy techniques with my DIS (designated instructional services) groups for high school students with anger management, ADHD, substance abuse, test anxiety and other issues. By far, the most effective program I have found for addressing these issues is HeartMath.”

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